Plant Growth Acceleration

Cut grow times as much as 50%, decrease fertilizer needs

Alphacom’s stimulation technology lessens the need for chemical fertilizers such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen and their negative environmental effects. While plants need direct sunlight to trigger photosynthesis, our stimulation technology both replaces the need for chemical fertilizers and helps stimulate the photosynthesis process in shaded planting zones. For shaded flower beds/gardens and indoor planting the technology will be extremely effective as an alternative “organic” solution in lieu of chemical fertilizers.

Recent data out of China shows vegetable production accelerating 20-30% with 70-100% reduction in pesticides and fertilizers. Other estimates have growth rates accelerating as much as 50%.


  • Our initial target is the total home gardening market, which is $47 billion and growing in the US, and $74 billion globally.
  • On the commercial side, the focus will be medium-scale farms, plant nurseries, and vertical farming, with the marijuana market reviewed as separate licensing opportunity.
  • Consumer target market: The consumer market includes house plant growers, home gardeners, and home “farmers”. We see good potential to reach these groups through developing TV marketing contacts for Broadcast and Digital marketing exposure to get the technology out to the public. There are and estimated of 50-60,000 retail doors in the US/ Canada alone that we see as a potential fit, plus online and global. We see multiple form factors to deliver the benefits and would expect any licensees to develop broadly.
  • Commercial market: The commercial market includes medium scale farms, plant nurseries, and the marijuana market, which is not yet specifically tested but will be and reviewed as separate licensing opportunity.
  • Indoor Farming Market: Separate to the consumer opportunity, we also must take a hard look at the Indoor farming market. The indoor farming market is a specialized market of $106B globally and $48B in the USA and is growing at 3.4% annually helping offset the growing food needs as cultivatable land availability continues to become scarcer. The largest single segment of indoor farming is still soil based at just over 50%, while Hydroponic/Aquaponic make up an additional 40%. There is currently no meaningful activity in the market utilizing our technology.


  • We will develop plant stakes that can be both solar powered as well as battery powered to deliver root stimulation.
  • The technology will also be adapted to planter pots that have the stimulation feature built in.
  • The “Power Pot” can be solar or battery operated and offered in an array of sizes.


This solution does not exist on the market. We intend to displace some use of chemical growth additives. There is competition in “alternative” growth methods such as hydroponics and aeroponics. The chemical additives create pain points in their environmental damage and they will be much costlier. We believe we can develop both a preferred and improved solution to the existing problem of accelerating plant growth.

Intellectual Property Evaluation

Alphacom is anticipated to build proprietary circuitry and design for design patents in all delivery formats. We expect 1-2 of the formats will qualify for utility patents.

Organic farming

Organic vegetable production is very inefficient utilizing “natural” or no fertilizers creating cleaner but slower yielding and more expensive products. The technology can deliver all the benefits without the pesticides, pathogens and diseases that impede organic labeling. Driving costs down significantly by speeding up organic yields for the small-scale farms increases their margins and we believe success will lead to substantial adoption at scale.

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