No-burn garment care

Changing the paradigm from heat, steam, and pressure to a revolutionary no-burn technology

All irons on the market today are based on the same operating principles that they’ve been for decades: using heat, steam and pressure to smooth out fabric. However, many heat up slowly, leak, create burn spots, and become safety hazards if kids are around. Alphacom will be applying its own technology to new design in the category and resolving these issues. This technology will expel water from any fabrics while requiring less force from your hand and wrist. It’s lighter, faster, and easier to use, with much lower energy consumption.


  • The iron market is over $2.7 billion and estimated to grow to $3 billion through 2025.
  • We believe this is an area where the consumer will adopt at the upper middle to upper tier of the market, around $100-$120, creating a comfortable range for licensing fees.


  • The lack of a large heating element will make the Alphacom iron lighter and lend itself to some unique form opportunities.
  • A lightweight iron, without fear of burns, can be designed for a more natural motion than a typical iron, with a handle that is parallel to the board surface. The iron will be able to switch on and be ready immediately instead of waiting for high heat to generate.
  • While the initial work with licensees will be focused on developing new versions—upgraded, travel, press—the technology can be adapted to larger, commercial clothes presses and may be able to create a secondary professional market.

IP Evaluation

As we develop the prototypes we will be filing protections for the design and methods to effectuate the process in addition to design patents on the aesthetics.


None, technologically. All irons in market currently are heat/steam platforms.

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