The Alphacom Story

We are developing an assortment of new technologies and new applications of existing technologies that we expect will cause disruption in each of the markets it enters.

Each of the technologies is designed to solve significant problems in function, cost of operation, environmental impact and energy sustainability.

Put more simply, we are a creative industrial company with amazing inventions that could change the world.

Alphacom’s technologies are designed to expand markets, not just cannibalize existing ones with established growth rates. History is replete with technological advances that expanded markets by raising average prices paid per unit, accelerating the replacement cycles of older technology, and creating must-have appeal in the consumer sector when marketed correctly through licensees. iPhone, Dyson vacuums, and flat-screen TVs all changed the game for both market size and average price driving multi-axis growth results.

Our Approach

Rather than establishing new top tiers in pricing in established markets, we are targeting positioning and unique performance in the middle tier to upper tier of existing categories.

As a result, our licensing partners will have excellent pricing and margin power. Some of the technologies are so cost-efficient that the base case for upgrade/replacement is extremely compelling.

As product is developed in the inQbate Labs to the prototype stage and the intellectual property rights are filed, we will be engaging in licensing deals with leaders in their distribution segments to bring the concepts to market. (Alphacom will not be marketing, branding, or supplying product directly to the market.)

Looking forward, we expect to germinate two to three projects annually and those projects will generate licensing deals that are segmented to maximize revenues.

Our Team

Mark Kraus

President and CEO

Co-Owner of Domani America, owner Domani Global Sourcing. Mark owned factories in the US in the 1980’s and 1990’s; moved his skill base in production to Asia and the sourcing business almost 20 years ago. Mark has worked with hundreds of factories developing categories from Electronics, to Home Goods to toys. He is based in Asia 10 months of the year.

Scott Silver

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and company Secretary

Co-Owner owner of Domani America, Inc. US based development group with offices in Hong Kong, Ningbo, Los Angeles and New York. Scott spent 25 years in retail with Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Linens N Things and Sears Canada in C-level roles managing multi-billion-dollar responsibilities. Scott is based in New York City.

George Martin


George started his career at Ernst & Young as an auditor and has been a Controller/SVP of Finance for several publicly traded and private companies over the past 10+ year. His experience has mainly been in the start-up and retail consumer products industry. George is based in Los Angeles.

Creating technology innovations for the future